Saturday, May 31, 2008

How To Remove a Tick the Fast and Easy Way

I must be the world's expert in removing ticks from people and animals. After so many years of this odious chore, I have my favorite ways of getting the job done safely.

First, a few words about how NOT to remove ticks, and why.

Although these tricks are popular, don't remove a tick by touching it with a hot ember such as one from a cigarette, or cover it with fingernail polish. It has been proven that these tactics can have a few nasty side effects, including Lyme's disease.

Aggressive removal methods causes the attached tick to regurgitate before it backs out. Diseases ride in along with the vomited material, and so there you have it. Disease-carrying tick vomit inside of you. Yuk.

Fortunately, there are better ways of removing a tick.

One of my favorite ways of removing a tick safely is with a 'tick spoon', called Ticked Off. It is the easiest, fastest way that I've ever tried.

This small spoon has a deep bowl with a "v" notch cut into it. Slip that notch under the tick and slide the critter right off, without ever touching the tick. That's it. No more worries about the tick's head and mouthparts remaining behind to fester. Because the tick is removed in one swift motion, the tick never has a chance to spew potentially dangerous vomit.

Once you try this gizmo, you won't want to be without one! They're cheap, so get a few. (About $6 for three)

I get mine from . For their current page listing, type into the search box, the key words: Ticked Off. Jeffers is one of my favorite places to shop. I've enjoyed their top-flight customer service for the past 15 years, and their prices on pet and farm and ranch supplies are some of the lowest around.

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Kayla said...

FYI- your link is broken, there's part of an extra link in there.

And thnx for the tip, they look neat!

PureCajunSunshine said...

Thanks Kayla, 'preciate the kudos and the heads-up about that link!

Descry said...

I want to tell you that was great information about the tick removal. But ooooh icky ick icky..Hope I never have to use it.