Sunday, June 24, 2007

Make your own mosquito dope

A homemade alcohol or vinegar tincture of Catnip works great for repelling the skeeters. Catnip is super easy to grow and it readily re-seeds itself for another crop of leaves and stems for next year. It is also good for a lot of other things too...a must-have on my homestead.

Heh. I recently read that some scientifical study or another indicated that some compounds in the catnip is as effective as DEET!

Catnip skeeter dope is easy to make. Here's how to do it:

Chop fresh leaves, stems. Put into a blender with just enough rubbing alcohol (or vinegar) to cover. Whiz it good. Pour the mess into a clean glass jar. Cover, keep in a dark location (or put the jar into a paper bag). For two weeks, shake twice a day, if you can remember it. Strain, pour into clean bottles. I put mine into spray bottles.

Before offering your body as a blood sacrifice when venturing outdoors, spray the catnip tincture onto exposed areas. It will buy you a few hours of nearly mosquito-free time. Reapply as needed.

I'm a believer in catnip spray and a diet that is big in B-Complex rich foods (plus extra B-Complex vitamins). Something about them that mosquitoes hate...

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