Tuesday, September 2, 2008

What To Do About New Orleans?

Some say restore flood damaged New Orleans, yet others say she should be allowed to return to the waves, because we can’t fight nature forever.

I am speaking as a seventh generation New Orleanian, and if I could have my way, I'd say...

Keep the port of New Orleans open, because it is a major commercial artery into the heart of America.

Keep the French Quarter because it's on ‘high ground’ anyway. Keep all the older New Orleans and South Louisiana communities that are all on higher ground. They are doing just fine, and have been for a long, long time through many 'canes...

The ones that are not doing so well and make the biggest news (noise) are all the "newer" communities that have been built over the past sixty, seventy or so years on reclaimed swampland and low lying riverbottom land by builders and developers who were blinded by the shiny flash of money to be made...and of course all the dumb sheep followed...and more followed over the years until everybody kinda forgot that they are seriously living in harm's way.

Alligators belong in the New Orleans Ninth Ward and Lakeview areas (and many other low spots), not people.

ALL those places that are so prone to floods....turn it all back into what it originally was: some of the finest hunting and fishing lands in the world!

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