Wednesday, July 18, 2007

You are probably from Louisiana if...

You know that "(he / she / it) passed me a pair of eyes." means that someone has just given you a look of utter disdain. This is usually performed best by teenagers, husbands and wives. My own dog has given me that look. Many times.

You eat things that most people hire an exterminator to get out of their yards.

Your eyes pop and your jaws drop. you drool, and your tongue hangs out whenever you see a whole gallon of Tabasco. You will willingly spend your last $$$ to buy a gallon of this essential life-giving fluid. Hmmm.. I wonder if it can be used in an I.V. drip to rejuvinate tired old Cajuns? can get it here:

You are probably from Louisiana if...

You plan your wedding around hunting season. Your funeral too, if you could.

You drive a boat more than your car.

When you evacuate, the first things you grab are your ever-trusty shrimp boots that saw you through many a wild time. You'd just feel better knowing they're right there with you. Those white shrimping boots, also known as Cajun Reeboks, will keep your feet dry no matter what comes. Even in a Motel 6 parking lot in another state.

Northerners are anyone living any further north above Baton Rouge.

When you say "WAY up North", you are referring to places like Alexandria, Shreveport or Monroe. There are places more north than that, where polar bears live.

Your burial plot is six feet over rather than six feet under. Even the dead float, here.

When giving directions for almost any town in South Louisiana, you use words like "lakeside", "northshore", "eastbank", "westbank", "bestbank", "down da bayou", "up da bayou", "riverside", or "across da river".

You've ever worn T shirts and shorts in December.

You can pronounce Tchoupitoulas, and know that it is the name of a street in New Orleans, not a sexually transmitted disease.

You know it is normal when you see ships riding higher in the river than the top of your house. When they're not, you know the levee broke...

You know it is Monday in New Orleans if you smell Red Beans and Rice cooking.

(Coming soon...a story and my favorite Red Beans and Rice recipe.)

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