Wednesday, July 18, 2007

SPECIAL NEEDS in an Emergency Situation - Solar Power for the Hearing Impaired

Good news for those who are dependent on hearing aids, and their ever-dying batteries!

This might help solve the problem of what to do in a prolonged crisis situation, when hearing aid batteries are not available...or you find your little stockpile of batteries are fading out fast. Hearing aid batteries have a way of "expiring" long before their expiration date.

Or horror of horrors, your hearing aid may go on the fritz.

What's that you say?

I plan on ordering the charger soon and will try it out on an inexpensive "hunter's hearing aid" to see if this really works. If you beat me to it, please leave a comment about your experiences (comment link at the end of this post).


Solar Button Cell Battery Charger

Sundance Solar

Solar Button Cell Battery Charger Perfect for hearing aid batteries.
Item#: 700-10003-00 $19.95

Here's what they have to say...

" charger for all those tiny button batteries that are so expensive. Charges Ni-Cd, Alkaline, Zinc Air, Mercury and Ni-Mh button cells that are 1.2 - 1.5 volts.

In 3-5 hours of direct sun your battery will be charged and ready for use.
Includes suction cup so you can hang it in any sunny window. Charges one battery at a time, simply put the battery under the alligator clip on back. Red LED tells you it's working!

One of our customers charged her hearing aid batteries 14 times! She went from spending $25 per month to spending less than $4.00 per month!"

Measures approx. 1.5" X 2.5". Shipping wt. .10 lb. Made in the USA.

The best way to get in touch with us is via email.

Telephone: 603-456-2020
Monday through Friday 9 AM to 4 PM EST.
Fax 603-456-3298.
Snail mail:
Sundance Solar
PO Box 10
Warner, NH 03278

Solar Powered Hearing Aid

ComCare International, Inc.
Scotta Williams, Executive Director
3027 Split Rock Circle
Bulverde, TX 78163

You may place your order by phoning the ComCare office, 309-833-3727

Solar Powered Hearing Aid: $100.00
Custom earmolds are not provided with the instrument.


Here's the world's original first ever solar hearing aid, made in Africa.

(I bought two in 1999...they're powerful little suckers, still going strong)

Godisa USA
Tel. +1.866.901.4327 (toll-free in the USA)


Green Angel
Zeke Zavie
49 St. Olaves Rd.
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Tel +1.416.767.9108

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