Tuesday, January 1, 2008

The Fun Way to Repel Trespassing Dogs and Cats

This trick won't work for everyone, but if you live in a rural area that is not under a 'burn ban' or high fire risk area, it's guaranteed to train fourlegged trespassers to keep off your property. They may even leave the county.

Near my door, I keep a small supply of those really small 'black-cat' sized firecrackers on skinny red sticks (whatyoucallits?), along with a handy Bic lighter. These firecrackers are very small but loud (wheeeeeBANG) and very showy.

When a stray or neighbor's dog show up on the property, I light one of these little firecrackers and let 'er rip. Because it makes such a hellacious racket and frightening looking show before it even hits the ground, the dog usually resembles a virtual cartoon character, hightailing it out of there so fast, sometimes yelping, imagining it has been shot or something.

No one gets hurt, not even a hair singed on 'nary a dog or cat...but one by one, I am educating most of the fourlegged trespassers in this community: "Stay away from PureCajunSunshine's place!".

These small firecrackers do a good job of sending a dog or cat packing (usually for good; only the really dumb ones return). The critters needing a higher education get the two or three firecracker treatment. It works, and I get a load of entertainment, especially when the cats come around. Quite spectacular! I never saw anything run so fast as a cat that imagines it's about to be hit by a real live meteor from outer space.

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