Tuesday, January 15, 2008

How To Convince Others To Prepare For Disasters and Other Hard Times

There are many intelligent people in this world who are still finding the idea of pandemics, crippling terrorist events, economic collapse, or any other heavy-duty scenario a mite hard to bite into...'tis so incredibly and wildly horrific! Who can blame them?

Some people's "tipping points" are built differently. If they are fortunate, they have a caring and knowledgeable friend or relative who is willing to nudge and point, and if needed, push, shove and show what can and should be done with what resources they have.

To some people, 'PREP' is just another four letter word. If ya just spell it a little differently, it might appeal to those folks a bit more.

There's Social Security and...there's grocery security!!!

Use buzz words like "Insurance you can eat", or a "hedge against inflation", or "money in the pantry", or something like that...

Next week, or maybe next month, some might feel differently about accepting (and preparing for) the very real possibility of the really "scary" kind of scenarios.

Some will never wake up until TSHTF (the stuff hits the fan) ...and they will likely be one of your biggest problems. Count on it.

Heh. I'm preparing for that eventuality now.

I have recipes for Cricket Jambalaya and Grasshopper Gumbo, and I am not afraid to use them. My family and friends know this, and that is a good thing. The mental imagery of eating these things in a SHTF situation helps to ensure that I won't be overrun with too many unprepared and empty-handed guests, in the event a severe and widespread event has them 'fleeing to the hills'.

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