Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Chainsaw Safety Chaps May Help Newbies Stay in One Piece

If trees are part of your habitat, having a chainsaw is helpful, especially for clearing your driveway of trees and tree limbs after ice and wind storms.

If you are new at the business of chainsawing, you should thoroughly study the safety aspects of it. Practice enough so that you are comfortable with your new skills. During emergencies is no time to learn anything.

Experienced chainsawyers appreciate the extra margin of safety that good safety gear provides. Chainsaw safety chaps, safety gloves and glasses are not 100% chainsaw proof, but may make the difference between a good day and a bad day.

Buy only good brands of safety gear. Discount or "off" brands are noticibly skimpier on quality. The savings are certainly not worth the sacrifice. AO is a good brand that is reasonably priced. The best deal I've found for safety chaps is here:

AO Safety Chainsaw Chaps Item # 181931 $49.99

Provides leg protection while logging or when using a chain saw. Durable nylon material designed to jam a chain saw on contact. Each leg has two quick-release buckles. Oil and water-resistant outer layer. 42 in. Waist with 37 in. Inseam. UL approved. U.S.A.

These folks sell lots of safety gear for chainsaw work:
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